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5 Ways to Make Your Plumbing Company’s Website More Successful

Plumbing Website Success

Your plumbing company’s website is one of its most valuable resources – but it doesn’t do any good if people aren’t visiting or, worse, don’t know that it exists. If your site suffers from lower than desirable traffic, odds are people simply haven’t found it yet. If your site is suffering from declining traffic or high bounce rates, you likely need to make some changes. Whichever camp you’re in, the following practices and tips are sure to clear the pipes and put your website’s success on the upswing. Not sure which camp you’re in? Just start here:

Apply analytics

There are plenty of free website analytics programs out there, but Google Analytics is an industry favorite. These programs are your fast track to knowing what’s going on with your site – be it a spike or dip in visitors, pages of particular interest, people arriving on your site and quickly leaving, and more. It’s the works – and step number one.

Don’t forget to promote it

Low traffic? If people don’t know your site exists, it makes sense… look into industry directories, such as Angie’s List, including your Web URL on your plumbing company’s vehicles, advertising – whatever it takes. There are plenty of ways to market and advertise on any budget – and each time that you do, make sure your URL is there.

Is your site already SEO-ized?

Search engine optimization is, in a nutshell, writing your website in a way that makes it easy for search engines to discover it and qualify it as relevant to a given search term. Make sure that you write to relevant keywords (your Google Analytics reports will give you important insight into which terms are already successful for you) and don’t forget things like meta tags, titles, and header tags. Also, don’t undervalue geo-targets – in the plumbing world, odds are that you’re working with local clients, so make use of that and target appropriately by including the city or town you want to get more business in.

Use leave-behinds

This is another one toward making your company and website known – your plumbers are in the field having direct contact with clients; use this to your advantage. If people like your work, they’re likely to use you again next time they need a plumber – provided, of course, that they remember who you are. Leave behind a business card, but also consider things like refrigerator magnets or something else useful that is likely to remain on-hand in the client’s home… and that also includes your URL. Think about how to provide value through this piece – you might include an online-only coupon, discount code upon completing an online survey, emailed copy of the invoice with a direct link to your site, etc. Whatever you decide on, make sure that it provides a reason to visit your site and also direct value to your customer.

Make your actual site feel reputable and proven

Too many sites were designed with poor generalized templates or by trying to cram in as many keywords as possible. Take the time to consider your brand and ensure that your site speaks to it. Look for a simple, easy-to-navigate site that invites people, rather than intimidates or overwhelms. A Pro Service Site is a great option if you don’t already have a good plumbing website.

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