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Adding testimonials to your site

Adding your customer testimonials to your site is very easy. In fact, we’ve now made it possible so your customers can submit testimonials directly from your site and all you have to do is approve them before they go live. We highly recommend getting every customer you can to submit a testimonial on your site. Testimonials do wonders for other people thinking of using your services.

1. Navigate to your testimonials page on the front end of your website (

2. Down towards the bottom of the page you’ll see a form to submit a new testimonial. Fill in the details and click Submit.

3. You’ll then receive an email letting you know you have a new testimonial to review. Log into your admin area of your site and navigate to the Testimonials section. You then have the option to approve or delete the pending testimonial.

4. Once approved, you’ll see the testimonial on the front end of your site along with the others!