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Getting reviews with Review Helper

Review Helper helps you get more reviews across the web and makes it easy. The tutorial below will show you how to setup Review Helper on your site and ask your customers for reviews.

How to setup Review Helper

1. Log into the backend of your site.

2. Navigate to the Main Settings tab on the left.

Navigate to Main Settings

3. Click the Review Helper tab.

Review Helper Tab

4. Activate the Review Helper by selecting Yes in the first option.

Activate Review Helper

5. Enter the full urls to your business profiles that you want to receive more reviews on. Every option you choose will be available to your customers so the more options they have the better. Remember, your customer might only have an account on one of those sites so if the option is there then they can review you there.

Review Helper URLs

6. Click Save at the bottom.

How to ask customers for reviews

Now that you have the Review Helper set up on your site it’s time to ask your customers for reviews.

1. While logged into the backend of your site, navigate to Reviews > Review Helper.

Navigate to Review Helper

2. Enter your customer’s first name and email address and click Request Feedback.

Request Feedback

That’s it! They’ll receive an email asking them to provide you with feedback. They’ll click a link in the email which will take them to a page on your site asking for feedback like the one below.


If they click the “No, Not Happy” button they’ll be taken to a form where they can tell you why they weren’t happy. This feedback will be emailed to you.


If they click the “Yes, Happy!” button (which most, if not all will), they’ll be taken to a page where they can click a link to go review you on any of the sites you provided links for earlier. Note: a link to your own reviews page is automatically included at the bottom of the list so they can review you on your own site if they don’t have any accounts on the other sites you’ve provided.


This provides a very easy way for you to ask your customers for feedback and get more reviews across the web. Reviews are huge in helping you get more business from the internet.