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How do I sign up for a site?

Welcome to Pro Service Sites!

This page is about signing up for a Pro Service Site. Signing up is easy. Follow the guide below.

1. Go to Pro Service Sites Signup.

2. Enter a username, email address, your name and phone number, and create a password. Click Next.

Tip: You will use this username and password to log into the admin area of your website so make it something you will remember. You can’t change your username but you can later change your password.

3. Next, enter a subdomain and business name. The subdomain cannot be changed so choose carefully. It will be something like Enter what you want in place of the NAME. Don’t worry, you can set your domain (Ex: for the site in a later step. So really, this is just a temporary domain until you point your own.

Enter your business name then choose your business type.

4. You’re finished! You can now log into your site admin dashboard by clicking “Login”.

Yep, it’s that easy to create an account at Pro Service Sites. Now you’ll be well on your way to having a powerful website for your service business.