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How to set up a custom domain name

Having a domain name like is essential to building a solid brand for your handyman business. While will get you by in the meantime, I highly recommend purchasing your own domain name and pointing it to your site. It’s only about $10 per year. The following steps will show you how to purchase a domain name and point it to your site.


This tutorial explains how to set up and point a domain name with Please see the correct tutorial for where your domain name is registered. tutorial turorial tutorial

Other domain registrars will be similar but the main thing you’ll be doing is editing the ‘A’ record in the DNS settings. You can choose to register your domain name anywhere you wish but the setup instructions will differ slightly.

1. Go to and search for your desired domain name. If you need help picking out a good domain name feel free to read this article first.

2. Once you have found a good domain that is available. Add it to your cart and register it. You’ll need to create a namecheap account to manage your domain name.

3. After purchasing your domain name make sure you are logged into your NameCheap account and click Manage Domains.

4. Click on the domain that you registered and would like to use for your site.

5. Next, Click URL Forwarding in the left menu.

6. You’ll see the settings for the domain name look something like this:

7. First change the IP ADDRESS/URL fields to Do this for both @ and www fields. Then change the RECORD TYPE fields to A (Address). And also change the TTL fields to 14400. Do that for both fields too. It will look something like this:

8. Click Save Changes to save your changes.

9. Almost finished. Now you’ll need to log in to your admin dashboard (

10. Navigate to Adv. Settings >Domain Name Setup and click it.

WARNING!! Before moving on to the next step make sure your domain is setup correctly. Open a new browser and type your domain name in the address bar. If you see a database error then it’s actually ready. If not, please wait till you do before proceeding.

11. Enter your domain name into the field. Note: Front end redirect should be directed to mapped (primary) domain in almost all cases. Click Map domain.

Front End Redirect

12. If this domain is going to be the primary domain for your site, click the star icon under the Actions heading after adding the domain.

Primary Domain Star

Note: After this is set up you will no longer see You will only see from now on. So, when you log into your site you’ll use your new domain from this point forward. (Ex: