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Setting up your business information

The first thing you should do when logging into your site for the first time is to set up your business information. This information is used all throughout your site. Follow the steps below to set up your business information.

1. Log into your site’s admin area (

2. Navigate to the Main Settings tab in the left menu area and click it.

You will be taken to the Main Settings page with the business information tab open.

Business Info

3. Fill in all of your business information. This information will be used throughout the site in important areas so do not leave any fields blank.

Fields to fill in:

Location: Choose your location.

Business name: Enter only your business name. Do not include any other text in here or it will not look right on the site. If your business name is Ken’s Handyman Service then enter it in here.

Business phone number: Enter your business phone number. I highly recommend using a Google Voice or phone number if you do not yet have a business only phone number. Enter your phone number in this way: 555-555-5555

License Info: Enter your license number if you have one. If you don’t have one, just leave this blank.

Show Address? You can choose whether you want to show your address or not on the site. If you have a business address, I highly recommend showing it. It will help your local rankings.

Street address: Enter your street address. This will be used where your address is displayed throughout the site. Instead of using your home address I highly recommend getting a mailbox in the main city you service and using that as your business address. Enter only the address number and street.

City: Enter the city of your address.

State: Enter the state of your address.

Zip Code: Enter the zip code of your address.

Email Address: Enter the email address that you’d like quote requests to be sent to.

Main City You Service: This may not be the city of your address. This is very important that you enter the correct city in this field. Enter the main city that you want to get more business in. This field is used in many areas of the site and will be the main city we are targeting with the website. It will help your site show up in the city that you enter in here when someone is searching for the services you offer. Enter only one city here (Ex: Corona).

4. After filling in all the fields click Save Changes. If you take a look at the front end of the site you will see many areas where these fields are now being used.