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Best Locksmith Keywords – A Guide to Locksmith SEO

locksmith keywords

Whether you’re trying to get your locksmith website to show up higher in the organic search results or you’re looking to run a profitable PPC campaign on Google Adwords, you’ll need to know which keywords to target. Targeting the keywords your potential customers will be searching for makes all the difference. This is the basis for effective locksmith SEO. After all, why waste time trying to rank for a term that your customers aren’t actually searching for?

Use the keywords in the content of your pages

If you know the keywords that your customers will be typing into the search engines when they are looking for a locksmith in your area, you can include those keywords in the content of your website. When creating any new page or blog post on your site, it’s always important to have an end goal for that page. What keywords are you trying to target with this new page or blog post? Choose one or two keywords to target for each new page or post you create. Be sure to include those keywords in the most important areas of the content like the title, h1 tags, alt text and title of images, etc. Don’t go overboard though and try to stuff those keywords into every single sentence of your content. Keep it natural.

Use the keywords in PPC advertising

If you’re planning on doing PPC advertising like Google Adwords. You can use these keywords in your campaigns. You have to add keywords to any campaign you create so knowing which keywords people are actually searching for is a huge plus when getting started.

Geo-targeting your locksmith keywords

What is geo-targeting?¬†Geo-targeting is adding a location to your keywords in your content. You won’t need to do this for a PPC campaign because you can set up the area you want to target separately. However, with the content on your site, it’s wise to use locations (city names) along with your keywords to target even further. You’re a locksmith so really you’ll only need to get people in the areas you service to find your site. If you add the city name to the keywords you can help narrow that focus to only that city. This will make your pages even more targeted and have a better chance at showing up higher in the search results.

Examples of geo-targeted keywords: Locksmith Alabama, Alabama Locksmith, Emergency Locksmith Atlanta, Unlock Car Atlanta, etc. I think you get the idea. This helps show Google and the other search engines that this content is very target to that area. So when someone in these areas are looking for the services you provide, you’re pages will have a better chance at showing up.

Locksmith Keywords

Use the keywords below in your content on your website as well as your PPC campaigns if you are doing PPC advertising.

locksmith near me
car locksmith
24 hour locksmith
auto locksmith
locksmiths near me
local locksmith
cheap locksmith
automotive locksmith
mobile locksmith
locksmith prices
emergency locksmith
24 hr locksmith
24 7 locksmith
24/7 locksmith
locksmith services
locksmith for cars
commercial locksmith
car locksmith near me
how much does a locksmith cost
affordable locksmith
nearest locksmith
locksmith service
locksmith in
cheap locksmith near me
locksmith car
car key locksmith
auto locksmith near me
a locksmith
residential locksmith
unlock car
unlock service
key cutting
copy key
key duplication
lock smith
key broke in lock
trunk unlock
car unlock
door unlock
car lock out
car lockout
locked keys in car
emergency opening
emergency lockout
lock change
lock repair
high security keys
transponder keys
ignition keys
master key
key making

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