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Pool Cleaning SEO Tips

Pool Cleaner SEO

When it comes to search engine optimizing your pool cleaning website there are a few key things you can be doing to help drive new visitors that will hopefully turn into paying customers. Many website owners get confused about SEO because of all the varying views and contradicting advice thrown around the web. It doesn’t have to be confusing though. In this post I’m going to break down pool cleaning SEO and help you focus only on the main things that work.

Focus on your customers

First and foremost, focus on creating a great website for your visitors. These are the people that will decide to choose your pool service over your competitors so it’s important to craft your website so they have a great experience and learn to trust your business. The whole point of your website is to generate more business so instead of focusing on pleasing Google, make sure to put your efforts into pleasing your human visitors.

Write content that makes perfect sense to humans and not content that’s keyword stuffed to try to rank higher in Google. Include beautiful images that draw your visitor in and keep them interested in your site. Use photos that you’ve actually taken yourself and only use stock photography as a last resort. Make sure the images that you do use look professional and increase the overall attractiveness of your site.

Content is still and will always be king

Content is the driving force of the web and there’s no sign of that changing any time soon. It’s important to create unique content for your site that clearly states what you do as a pool service and what makes you different from the other guys out there. Your website might come preloaded with content but spend the time to really make the content unique to your business. Put it into your own words and give it your own unique voice. This will go a long way to give your potential customers a glimpse into your business and what you’re all about.

Use keywords strategically

Use of keywords in the content of your pool cleaning website’s pages is extremely important but you need to make sure you are doing it strategically. Don’t overuse the same keywords throughout the pages of your site. Vary the keywords by using similar words throughout and that will help you rank for those terms as well as related terms.

Use Google search suggestions and related searches to help you come up with other related keywords to use. How do you do this? Easy. Simply start typing a search into google. You’ll notice as you type the first word, Google will try to make suggestions using the autocomplete feature. You can use this to get ideas of other similar keywords to target.

Google autocomplete

After you type a keyword to search and hit enter, look down at the bottom of the page and you’ll see other related searches. You can use these words to very the keywords you are using throughout the pages of your site. By doing this, you’ll show Google that your website is highly targeted to these keywords and not just one main keyword phrase. Google knows that there are many keyword phrases that are related to each other. You can clearly see this in the image below. Use all of the keywords that relate to your business and you’ll be in a good spot to rank well.

Google related searches

Create more content

Create more content and then create some more but don’t do it if you don’t plan to create good content. This blog post is a great example. I wanted to create content that’s targeted to helping Pool Cleaners with their SEO efforts. Obviously pool cleaning SEO is one of the keywords I want to rank this page for. I can’t just write a worthless blog post. It needs to be good and provide actual value to the reader (you) in order for it to really work. The goal is for you to find enough value in this article as well as the other articles about pool cleaning websites that you’ll trust Pro Services Sites and use us to create a website for your pool cleaning business.

The idea is the same for your business. You want to create content that builds trust with your visitors (likely home owners) so that they will use you for their pool maintenance needs. That’s one of the main reasons it’s important to create good quality content. Your content on your website says a lot about your business.

Create content regularly

This is probably one of the hardest things to do. It’s already hard enough to create quality content but then to do it regularly is that much harder. Try to come up with a reasonable plan that you know you can stick to. If it’s writing one new article or page of content per week that’s great. If you’re only able to to do once a month, that’s okay too. Just figure out what will work for you that you think you can actually stick to and make it a point to stick to that content creation schedule. It will pay off big time!

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