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Show up in Google for More of the Services You Offer

In the last post, I shared tips for showing up in the search engines in cities that you want to get more business in. For example, if someone is searching for a locksmith in Denver, and you are a locksmith in Denver, you definitely want to show up in the search engines for that keyword. I recommend reading that post first before this one because it will lay a foundation that you can build off of for the tips I’ll be providing below. Seriously, go check it out here first.

Okay, so I’ve covered how to start showing up in other cities that you want to get more business in but we can take this a step further. You can start showing up for more of the services that you offer as well.

When a homeowner, for example, is looking for home services they don’t always type in google “handyman in Corona”, or “plumber in Pittsburgh”. Sometimes they’ll search for the exact service that they need done like “faucet repair Corona” or “Denver car key replacement”.

Create a page for each service

Just like I pointed out for showing up for particular cities, you’ll also need to create a page for the services that you offer. You want to make sure that you show up when someone is searching for that service in your area. The good news is very few service professionals are doing this. Most create just one page called Services and list all of the services that they offer. This won’t do much, if anything, for getting people to find you when they are looking for your services in your area.

Since the competition is relatively low for these keyword searches, you’ll stand a good chance at showing up high quickly in the search engines. In fact, we’ve seen some of our service professionals that use Pro Service Sites showing up high on the first page within days of creating the page.

Here’s an example of 1st page placement in the 3rd position. That’s pretty good and will get noticed when someone is searching for faucet installation in Corona.

Show up in Google for more of the services you offer

Follow the guidelines in this article on where to put the keyword phrases so they have the most impact and give you the best chance at showing up in the search engines.

We’ve built this into every Pro Service Site

Creating pages for every service you offer (or at least the most important ones) is tedious, I know. It’s something that should be done consistently and over time. We’ve simplified the process considerably by creating the Services You Offer section in Pro Services Sites though. You can start creating these pages with the click of a button. We’ve started you off with some of the important services you’ll want to create pages for. However, we highly recommend that you look over the page once it’s created and edit the content to put it in your own words and make it unique to your business.

If you are creating your website on a different platform you’ll have to manually create these pages. Please refer to the guidelines in this post for writing the content.

What keyword phrases to use

This is pretty easy. The keyword phrase that you’ll be using is going to be different variations of the service and the city you want to show up in. For example: faucet repair in Corona, Corona faucet repair, faucet installation in Corona, etc. would all be keyword phrases to use for showing up when someone is looking to get a new faucet or get their current faucet repaired.

It’s good to add the city in the keyword phrase because it gives it local relevance. Use the main city you service. Then, when you create your Services page, You can list the services out but now you can link to every one of these pages. Again, this is something we take care of automatically for you with Pro Service Sites. If you create a new service in City page, just set the parent page to your main Services page and the link will automatically be created.

Go ahead, start creating service pages targeted to the main city you service and watch your traffic start to grow. You should start to see more leads come in for these particular services.

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