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Posted on Nov 6, 2014 in Appliance Repair Websites | 0 comments

Top Tips for Optimizing Your Appliance Repair Website

Appliance Repair Website Tips

Does it seem as though your appliance repair website is not receiving enough traffic? If so, the problem could be due to a number of different issues. Just as it is important for appliances to receive regular maintenance in order to function properly, it is also vital that your website receive regular tune-ups to continually drive traffic and generate sales leads.

Begin by taking some time to analyze the copy on your appliance repair website and determine whether you are being clear enough about the services and value that you offer. The longer that it takes a prospect to determine what it is that you are offering, the greater the chance that they will leave your site and call your competitor. Avoid making prospects jump through hoops to find out what you are offering. Be clear about how they will benefit from your services.

Search engine optimize

Ensure that your website has ample natural copy. Gone are the days when you could simply put some generic content filled with keywords on your website and rely on it to attract targeted leads. Search engines have moved away from content that is obviously written for SEO purposes only. Provide informative content that your visitors will want to read and that will give them a reason to contact you.

Answer your most common questions

Remember that your prospective customers will likely have questions when considering your appliance repair services. Go ahead and answer those questions so that they feel comfortable enough to call you and schedule an appointment. Common questions that prospective customers might have include questions about service charges, the warranty you provide, whether they should repair or replace their appliance, etc. This is a great way to boost the quality of your site’s natural content while also building trust with your prospects.

Include testimonials from other customers

Another great way to help customers feel more at ease about contacting you is to include testimonials from satisfied customers. Doing so shows that your business has a strong track record for customer service. If you do not already have a free quote request form on your website, consider adding one. Such forms are a great way to obtain leads and encourage customers to contact you.

Have a clean layout and clear navigation

It is also important to analyze the layout of your website and navigation. If a website is difficult to navigate, making it difficult for prospective customers to find the information they want, they will likely leave. If you have noticed that you have a large number of visitors who make their way to your website but then exit after a short while (bounce rate), this could be the problem. The best way to rectify this problem is to update your site’s navigation so that it is clearer and easier to use. Not sure how to do this on your own?┬áJust ask us.

Your website is among your strongest connections with prospective customers. Tweaking areas that are not working can help to boost your traffic, conversion, and your profits.

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